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Imessage windows 10 download.How to Download and Install iMessage for Windows 10

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We have written the easiest guide to download iMessage for windows pc. Keep reading to know more. The app is перейти на источник with respect to usage.

You can either choose to add your phone number to iMessage and make it your primary messaging option or simply use it over an Internet connection. Messages dpwnload be imessage windows 10 download and received from all Apple devices including Macs and iPads.

While this app is strictly an Apple-user only messaging tool, you can still download it on your PC irrespective of the operating system. Follow the steps listed below to know more about the process. Step 1. Imessage windows 10 download only method to download Apple apps and imessage windows 10 download is through an iOS emulator. The emulator duplicates the iPhone interface onto your PC. Inessage, you can easily access the App Store from there and download any of the apps available there.

You can also avail all of the other services Apple provides using the emulator such as AirdropApple sensors, and navigators. Step 2. The recommended iOS emulator is iPadian. Step 3. After downloading the emulator, install it on your PC and launch it. You will find the interface of the emulator to be exactly like that of an iPhone. This is a sign that the emulator is working correctly. If not, repeat the steps with another emulator.

Step 4. The iMessage icon should be present on the home screen of your emulator by default. In case it is not there, you will have to download it from the Apple Store. Step 5. You will have the option to create one if you do imessage windows 10 download have an Apple account.

Once inside the store, search for iMessage on the search toolbar on top of the window. Step 6. Click in the Install button next to it. The app will be installed and downloaded on your emulator. Facebook Messenger is a very good alternative to iMessage as it is platform-independent. If you are using a PC, you can access it directly from your Facebook profile.

Google Hangouts is a robust messaging tool that you can easily sync with your Gmail contacts. As a perk, you can imessage windows 10 download and video call wibdows directly from the application.

WhatsApp and Imessage windows 10 download привожу ссылку both extensively used for texting and catching up with people. I come from Kolkata, India and am a huge tech enthusiast. Your email address will not be published. Additional menu Want to know how to get iMessage on pc? Leave a Reply Windowa reply Your email address will not be published.


One moment, please – How to get iMessage on Windows 10


It is limited mostly to chat and some emojis on the side as well. You can explore the rest for yourself. But know that it does not all the features of iMessage overall.

That means there is no official iMessage app to download anywhere that will directly work on any Windows version of the operating system. But being in the age of innovation and breakthrough, people will always find a hack, a workaround, or remedy for these types of things. The iMessage is not like your traditional email or conversational Email. There are differences between email and iMessage which is a simple chat format like that of android phones. Now, this will work only if you memorize all your Apple login information.

And since that will be highly likely, then the method mentioned here should be easy for you. So without further ado, here is how you download and install iMessage for PC the easiest way.

Some websites would even recommend you use Chrome Remote Desktop tool. With this method, one can easily share the screen of any other computer remotely. Now in case you want to access iMessage from a Mac computer then at this time, the chrome desktop remote extension will help you to do so.

But for this, you require a MAC and you need to be sure that both computers should have a good internet connection. So, let us see the steps quickly:. Now just run that host installer file so that it gets installed in it. Step 5: Meanwhile do follow the instructions while installing the application. Now the 12 digit number will blink on your PC. Just note down that number immediately. Step 7: Now the question is what is that 12 digit number?

The 12 digit code is the code through which you can gain the access to a Mac computer remotely. Step 9: At last, you can simply move on to the app drawer to access the iMessage application. Note: Just remember that share this code with that person only to whom you want to access your Mac. Note: For this method, the Mac computer is required. Is this possible to get iMessage for PC without Mac also?

The answer is YES. Let us discuss the methods below. The windows user just needs an emulator i. Let us discuss the step-by-step procedure to do so. Step 1: In the starting, the first task is to download the iPadian emulator from its official site. Step 2: Now next step is to install it on your PC. Step 3: After the completion of the installation process, just run the emulator. Step 4: Then write iMessage in the search bar and as soon as you get the app, just download it by clicking on the download button.

Now set up the app and enjoy using the app. As we all know the iMessage app is not meant officially for Windows users, so there is a slightly different procedure that is with the help of a Bluestacks emulator. Let us see the step-by-step procedure to download the Bluestacks iMessage app for Windows 10, 8 and 7. Step 1: Foremost task is to open the Bluestacks website, download the Bluestacks app, and install it. Step 2: Then after the installation process, just open the Bluestacks.

Step 4: Now, select the iMessage app from Google play and just click on the install option which is available there. After installation, you will see a Get Started button. Click it to download the Chrome Remote Desktop host software. You will be required to create a PIN or password to access another screen on Windows. Now open the Chrome Remote Desktop on Windows 10 with the same account you have created on Mac and find the remote Mac. Click on it and choose Start Screen Sharing.

You will now have access to your Mac, on which you can open iMessage and use it as you like, even playing iMessage games with the comfort of a bigger screen.

Run the emulator once the installation is completed. It is necessary to be prepared for everything in advance so that you do not have problems later. Here is what you will need:. This is because we need to download an emulator and then install iMessage for PC through the emulator on the internet. You can download almost any iOS application on your PC. In the next step, you will learn how to install the emulator. The iPadian emulator is extremely easy to be installed.

Have a look at the steps to install the same below:. Launch the emulator and the appearance of the PC will change. You will see a Mac OS-like screen directly on your desktop. In fact, you can also see the Mac subscription base below. This is another way to download the application in your system. The steps to download the iMessage using the same are explained below:. Bluestacks is the next best emulator available in the market after iPadian.

Alternatively, you can try downloading iMessage for PC.


[Imessage windows 10 download


I got the imessage on my windows 10 laptop via chrome remote desktop method. But after using it few times, it suddenly stopped working somehow. Would you help me out? Did you change the device twice with same imessage account? I was searching like hell to get my iPhone text messages on Windows 10 desktop and then i found your guide on bing.

Have gone through all of your methods you explained here and iPadian imessage works impressively for me. Is the same imessage method will work with Windows 8 or 7? Most of the searchers go for the iPadian imessage method or via chrome remote desktop. Both works fine with any version of windows above XP. We got your concern.

Safety of your new device is paramount. All the methods are working clean and safe. Congrats BDW. Is it really possible to use imessage on windows computers? I mean, is it official or legit way to do it? Amm well, there is no official way to download or use imessage on any version of Windows. But there are always third party softwares who allows you to do the same. You should try one of them and enjoy texting imessages from your Windows. I found this guide very helpful since i was searching ways to access my iphone iMessage from my Windows 8 computer.

Well, I just downloaded the imessage app on windows 10 and I am not able to send the imessage to few of the friends? Can you help me why is it so?

I mean, somewhere have seen to use imessage through ipadian and that was free but worked slowly. Finding more ways to use imessage on my windows pc without ipadian method. Would you help? Thanks mate for sharing working methods with us. Any suggestions to make it work like before? I was in a doubt until i tired the above methods.

Thanks for sharing different options to use imessage on Windows laptop. Would you tell me how to do that? An informative article!!

Keep it up. Well can you please help me to recover the deleted imessages which I did it accidently.







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