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What makes MagicQ PC so great and why is it worth learning? This distribution partnership should mean that the MagicQ will become used more widely.

ChamSys obviously decided that, in order to break into market dominated by a few well established players, they had to get their system used by as many people as possible. More about that later. Looking for free lighting control software , you will find plenty of lighting professionals singing the praises of MagicQ PC. The workflow and interface of the MagicQ ranges are closely matched to other professional lighting consoles that we all know and love.

Any operator who has a knowledge of popular lighting consoles such as the Flying Pig Systems Hog II or the Avolites range, can start programming, even without the manual or the on board help screens. Other PC lighting control software is often less like a real lighting desk why would it need to be? The benefit of learning to use PC software like MagicQ PC is that becoming familiar with a console workflow is improving programming skills for real world situations.

As well as dimmer and moving light control, the MagicQ also has features that are now the norm in good lighting consoles. LED array programming media engine , Media Server integration and networking capabilities are a must have a professional lighting desk. A decent shape generator and Programmer based recording the entire output of the console is not recorded — just the values set by the operator are par for the course.

Another widely adopted feature includes spreadsheet manipulation and importing of data such as patch sheets and fixture information. A fixture personality editor gives you the option to tweak existing fixture files or create your own. All the major 3rd party visualisers are supported for pre-programming of shows.

A big selling point of the MagicQ system is flexibility. Busking shows, creating theatre stacks or triggering media events are all available in a user friendly format. Some of best features on the MagicQ are found in the details of advanced use. Just some of these are:. This results in twitching of moving lights and a DMX tester reveals framing issues — these can be rectified by cutting down the number of channels that the MagicQ PC outputs.

This becomes a pain when trying to program more complex lighting rigs. ChamSys make the MagicQ PC Wing, which has all the major buttons and encoders plus the playback faders and go buttons.

Using the MagicQ PC wing and a tablet laptop or touchscreens is near as you can get to owning a really high quality, professional lighting console without spending tens of thousands.

Cham Sys now produce all manner of fader wings, cut down consoles and add ons — all using the same platform. Something for everyone, you might say. The MagicQ lighting control range is gaining industry popularity. It takes time for new manufacturers to become really established in a market but Cham Sys have a good product.

It also seems like their presence has forced a few other lighting console makers to up their game. Download the free MagicQ PC lighting control software and play around with it — the features and work flow of the MagicQ are worth learning. Similar to many desks in the current generation of professional lighting consoles, the free MagicQ PC software with a cheap DMX dongle is an offer too good to refuse. If you have used the ChamSys MagicQ software and have any thoughts, let us know in the Comments section.

On Stage Lighting has created a series of tutorials to help you find your feet on the Cham Sys MagicQ PC software, as well as learn more about about show lighting control in general:. As a professional lighting designer, Rob designed and programmed theatre performances, music festivals and large corporate events for blue chip companies while travelling all over Europe.

With a background in theatre, he combines traditional stage lighting knowledge alongside fast moving lighting and video technology in the world of commercial events. It is a great piece of software indeed. My What I discovered by reading the manual is that it is oriented mostly towards the consoles and not the PC version.

Therefore keyboard not keypad hot keys and such is not covered in detail. So… yes please. A starting level tutorial for people who have no experience in Hog or Pearl would be great! Information on the PC version is a bit scarce. I will bear that in mind and try to get some tutorials for the MagicQ PC together. Hi Scott, thanks for your comment. Do you have any specific reasons for not liking the MagicQ?

Also, a 3D visualiser is not something I would expect to see on what is effectively a free controller, but outputs such as the pixel mapper can be monitored. Will let you know how it goes. Opening night, BAM! We had an hour till doors and no lights. Borrowing an internet dongle from a sound boy we downloaded the software and then ran the season off a Mac powerbook G4. Slightly slow but it worked fine because it was all backed up on a USB! Just saying, programming the show on a console was immensely helpful, but having the free option for the computer was completely invaluable.

Mac G4 powerbook 1ghz 1. Just as an example, reading a little of the manual and trying things out as I went, on day one I was able to find most of the fixtures I commonly use throughout the year easily enough and built 2 LED profiles in no time; I was writing cues, creating custom effects, etc. I love the movement view option and the grids are great for monitoring values coming and going on stage. I have not tried the pixel mapping feature in real life, but again, reading the manual and 10 minutes later, I had a viable working example of my cueing being played back as I expected it to.

I cannot think of a Console Company who wants you to use their program or hardware more than ChamSys. Nice to hear your thoughts on the Cham Sys. Many Hog guys went with MA not long after the dodgy early Hog III years but I think Cham Sys haved picked up plenty of Hog users, Avolites fanatics and, most importantly, the next generation of programmers who just get it.

Does MagicQ PC support this option and if does how reliable is this option. I assume it works, but not tried it myself. Now I started getting into chamsys and so far I like it.

I sold the LJ card and looked around for something new… I bought an Enttec USB pro and started tinkering around with the new free lighting control options…. I found this introduction and the following tutorials and I was officially a Chamsys guy… I fell in love with this system. I showed it to one of my church tech interns… He read these tutorials and the next week, he had successfully patched and ran a show in our youth space at church 8 movers, leds, conventionals with his laptop.

I had such a great time having more hands on control that I purchased a Mini Wing… I had the Mini-Wing for 2 weeks, but I still wanted encoders… I took back the mini wing, scrounged up some cash and purchased a PC wing, and I love it do death!!!! Chamsys is great. I started more than 2 years ago with just a dongle and now I have a wing…. I have lost 2 churches to ETC only because they had watchable videos on youtube for their volunteer techs. Then they say they will call you back with a price….

The process of getting a wing from calling the first out of four PRG reps to actually ordering the wing took an entire month!!! I am not bashing PRG, they are a great company that does a lot of cool stuff…. From a sales stand point, they really suck…. I understand that I am not buying a pile of Vari-Lites, but that does not excuse taking that much time to actually purchase something. Thanks for your story, James.

Cham Sys are a great company but they are still really small in terms of staff and their popularity seems to me that the guys there are always to flat out to spend a few days creating vids. I found this website…and was wondering what it means when the MQ lights flicker…even when turned OFF……if anyone could offer a bit of wisdom in this matter….

Any other ways to sync trigger GO the two consoles? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We have tons of free learning here and online stage lighting courses too. Why is the MagicQ PC software free? Why do the professionals like the MagicQ? What are the best features of MagicQ PC? Advanced Fixture Selection — Selecting generic lighting by gel numbers, moving heads by rig postion etc. Speeds up the process of programming.

MagicQ PC can be used with external touchscreens or a tablet laptop. Media previews and thumbnails, LED drivers and other Lighting 2. What operating systems can MagicQ PC run on? Getting Started — Setting up the interface and patching fixtures. Controlling Fixtures and Recording Memories — using a simple generic, dimmer only rig. Cues, Timing and FX — Looking at some basic cue options and introducing the effects engine.

Moving Light Tutorial Part 1 — Patching and controlling intelligent lighting fixtures. Rob Sayer. Hi Dimitris Information on the PC version is a bit scarce. Thanks for your comment. This thing sucks. Let us know what you think. Will this controll non DMX lights like par 38s? Using a complex lighting controller just to run a few PAR 38s seems a bit overkill, though. Thanks, Sam. Just bought 2 American DJ Revo 1 devices.


ChamSys Download site.Download ChamSys MagicQ for free – SoftDeluxe

For example it is very quick to add a 90 degree offset to pan for a group of lights. It has screens and features dedicated to controlling media servers that really elevate the process to a whole new level.


[Chamsys magicq pc software download


MagicQ offers powerful lighting control with full lighting visualisation, pixel mapping, and HD media playback on up to 8 different layers, To install and use MagicQ, MagicVis or MagicHD for free, click on relevant icon below for your operating system.

The software includes the latest heads personalities. To download an updated set of heads for your install, refer to the instructions below. The heads library is updated online daily, so the link below will always be up to date to the last 24 hours. If you can’t find a personality on list of heads below, use the request a Head file button below. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. MagicQ Software Download.

Home MagicQ Downloads. Latest Stable. Windows 1. Mac Intel 1. Ubuntu 64bit 1. Latest Beta. Note: We cannot guarantee that beta versions will be stable. Care should be taken when using them in a show environment. Software Change Log Online. MagicQ Console Install Instructions.

Software Archive for older Consoles. ChamSys Bugtracker. MagicQ Manuals. MagicQ Quick Start Guide. MagicQ Online Manual. MagicQ Shortcuts. Quick Start Manual Espanol. Quick Start Manual Francais. Quick Start Manual Italien.

Quick Start Manual Deutsch. Quick Start Manual Belgisch. Quick Start Manual Dutch. Head Files. List of Heads. Head Update Instructions.

Request a Head File. Head Creation Guide. Online Training. Need Help? Visit our forum. Own a QuickQ series product? Download the latest QuickQ software. Our Sister Brands.


Chamsys magicq pc software download. MagicQ Software Download


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