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Launcher is not working since update around noon today – Bug Reports – SWTOR | Forums – Re: LauncherRepairUtilityP1.8.2.exe just deleted my folder and bypassed trashcan

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By digitalfreak November 10, in Bug Reports. Cassianus 46 posts. ObscureEmpyre 28 posts. BroStorm 11 posts. VorpeHD 11 posts. Apparently this is request to me as an author, but my proficiency in making videos is not enough high. On the other side, using this patcher is very easy:. If the launcher has updated the game and should restart, run it again a few times until update finishes. To avoid using the right-click menu every time, create a shortcut to the patcher on desktop or taskbar and select the checkbox “Run as administrator” in Advanced Properties.

The difficulties may begin if you use the Steam launcher or the game hasn’t been updated too long. Sometimes need to use a launcher repair utilitiy from EA one for standard website launcher and another one for Steam. But these cases are rare and I explained them in previous posts here.

Making a special video for such cases would be unnecessary. And finally, please note that the patcher was created as a temporary solution, a quickfix which should work no longer than a few days, maybe a week until BW releases official fix of Alder Lake incompatibility, as almost all developers have already done.

Who would know that players will be using it more than 3 weeks, and we still don’t have ETA of official fix. Because of this I forgot to give the ways to check the identities of the files, sorry.

Being not a professional programmer, I don’t have a digital signature, also I left empty the file version info. I can fill it in and re-build, but is it really necessary? All files placed on OneDrive are automatically checked for malware by Microsoft, so even if your anti-malware database is outdated, you can at least count on MS service. I get the login box with it but then I put my info and it goes away and nothing happens the game never launches.

If you were able to input the name and password on the first screen, then the Alder Lake incompatibility has been solved. Please include the last launcher log. Some examples of the log can be found on previous pages in this thread.

Usually the last lines of log point at the problem which prevents launcher from normal work for example, missed some required components, no DirectX support in video system, damaged files, login problem, network problems etc. Even you haven’t mentioned it specifically, I suppose that you used the Alder Lake patcher and know how does it work it can be seen in Task Manager after start, then it loads the SWTOR launcher launcher.

It may be OS update, conflict with other software, damaged files, many other reasons Please look at the launcher log, it may help to understand your problem; you can also compare the last log and one of previous logs when SWTOR worked well.

As a solution, I would suggest to use the system restore to one of previous dates. I cannot give you more specific advice right now.

I tried to reproduce this on my Windows 11 Pro Also I switched for test the Memory integrity Device security, Core isolation which usually is not recommended because it decreases the system performance. But it showed the usual yellow UAC dialog, after allowing the launcher started and showed the initial screen. No any warning about trojans were on my PC, I cannot reproduce it right now.

Maybe OS is different, I can test only on Windows 11 and 8. Alternatively, you can exclude only the patcher’s exe file, keeping the whole folder protected by default.

As I remember, the security system showed me an alert at first start of patcher, I allowed it and this warning no longer was shown again. Maybe your OS work differently in this case. I will try to do more tests, also maybe someone else will see the same problem. If so, please add a post here. Hey again Cassianus, so turns out I downloaded the wrong patcher, I went through and found yours thought I was downloading it again turned out to be a different one.

Only hiccup I had with your was that the launcher closed itself a few times before I was able to login. Just had to open it a few times. Thank you so much!! Log: OK, I see the dump I see you used the patcher properly, otherwise the last line in the log would be with timezone. In such situation I suggested two options couple of pages before: try to repair the Steam launcher or, if it will have no effect, switch to standard website launcher but you will have to disconnect two accounts and lose the ability to subscribe via Steam, so use this as a last resort.

Usually the problems with DirectX are shown in the log directly, but it will never be excessive to check them in advance. If the normal work cannot be restored this way, unlink the accounts and download the website Streaming as EA calls it launcher repair utility from EA, the same page.

The file is LauncherRepairUtilityU Sure, my mistake, it’s not a wheel but a cog, more exactly, two cogs in the lower left corner. This button opens another screen with the option “Repair”, but it’s true for standard website launcher, Steam version may not have this button and repair option is available inside Steam.

If something I wrote is unclear or hard to understand, please ask, I will try to explain in other words. DXDiag is a test tool, executable file named dxdiag. Having launcher trouble since I installed an i The launcher doesn’t show but the process starts and doesn’t stop unless I terminate it myself.

To better understand your problem, please add the launcher log at least until the lines with parameters Timezone and SpecsHash.

If you had to terminate the launcher in Task Manager, please also add the details how the Alder Lake patcher is seen in it, it should work about a second, then the launcher continues working alone. I suppose that you need to fix SWTOR installation using the launcher repair tool and then downloading the update of all other files with the help of the patcher, of course.

I use the standard non-steam version. The Alder Lake patcher is seen in process manager, in fact it stays there until I manually terminate it, like the launcher. Absolutely no window is shown, the launcher doesn’t open at all, I have no access to any repair tool. And here’s yesterday’s first time I tried launching the game since new CPU, I don’t have any older logs but it’s been some time since I last played :. At least, for standard website launcher. It no longer requires the patcher, moreover, it may not work correctly if used with the patcher.

Please use the patcher one more time only to perform this update, and when the launcher will be updated, you can delete the patcher for good and should run SWTOR as always intended. Please try to use the launcher repair, need to download it from this website: LauncherRepairUtilityU EA recommends then to remove the folder bitraider and all its content.

The launcher now works on Steam. Good job, Bioware, only took you four months to fix a critical and fundamental flaw in your launcher that somebody fixed in half the time with nothing but a debugging tool. Existing user? Sign In. Issue with the Launcher and Intel ik. Share More sharing options Followers Prev 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Next Page 14 of Recommended Posts. DecanAndersen Posted February 1. Posted February 1.

No one has done a video tutorial yet and I would appreciate one since I am really lost on how to fix the problem. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Replies Created 1 yr Last Reply Oct 1. Top Posters In This Topic 46 28 11 Cassianus Posted February 1. Posted February 3. Thanks, Vorpe, I just realised my mistake. I created a patcher in the form of test version as I supposed and hoped to get some quick replies which need to fix the problems, if any, and create the final version with more info in description; but I expected that BioWare will release the official launcher with fixed DLL soon, as I highly hoped, so the patcher will be no longer required.

But I couldn’t foresee that the first version is good itself and BW will work on fix so long. Add another to the long list. Launcher downloaded and ran fine yesterday. Today nothing I do even launches the launcher. Doesn’t appear in task manager, compatibility mode doesn’t work, running as admin does nothing either. Cassianus Posted February 3. Posted February 3 edited. OK, I understand now your problem. BTW, thanks for good words about my efforts. I am a subscriber since , never cancelled yet.

Lenlo Posted February 3. This whole fiasco is just proof positive that the game is on life support and EA has no intention of resuscitating it.


[Star Wars: The Old Republic – SW:TOR launcher troubleshooting guide

Yes: if you ever have to use the LauncherRepairUtility to try to fix your game after trying other options, download the new version, not the old one. To locate SWTOR’s replace.me manually, click the BROWSE button and it might be necessary to download and run the Launcher Repair Utility which you. Fix 1: Rule out software conflicts · Fix 2: Run SWTOR in Admin mode · Fix 3: Update your graphics driver · Fix 4: Verify the integrity of game.


Swtor launcher repair utility.exe download. Solved: SWTOR Won’t Launch

Fix 1: Rule out software conflicts · Fix 2: Run SWTOR in Admin mode · Fix 3: Update your graphics driver · Fix 4: Verify the integrity of game. replace.me › watch. To locate SWTOR’s replace.me manually, click the BROWSE button and it might be necessary to download and run the Launcher Repair Utility which you.







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