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Theme Hospital Free Download (GOG) PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing. Theme Hospital PC Game is eccentrically Amusing and it Does contain marginally Dark Humor. In this game, the players go from hospital to.

[Download game theme hospital pc gratis

Inline Feedbacks. I ended up playing the hell out of Theme Hospital and it is a game that I feel anyone can get into. There were bugs then aswell, seems to be the same thing now.


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Have fun and play! Popular Games. Evil West Free Download Read more. Bendy and the Dark Revival Free Download v1. Gotham Knights Free Download Read more. Victoria 3: Grand Edition Free Download v1. Slime Rancher 2 Free Download v0. Everything needs to be built from scratch and slotted into place – and I’m talking everything – from the most expensive piece of cutting-edge medical equipment to the lowliest pot-plant.

You get to plan the layout of every single room yourself – and you wouldn’t believe how neat the interface that allows you to do this is. As with Theme Park, it’s not unlike using a simple paint package.

Choose the facility you want to build from the pop-up menu and your cursor is replaced with a little trowel. Click on the floor and a kind ofCinstant blueprint’ appears. You can drag this out to whatever size you want, place the door wherever you see fit, even pop windows into the walls if you think it needs them.

The next stage is deciding which pieces of furniture to use and where to place them, in an orgy of interior decoration that would have the slobbiest, least house-proud philistines on the planet umming and ahhing over the positioning of each tiny chair as if it were a matter of global significance.

Now, none of this may sound that interesting in print, yet in practice it’s so intrinsically satisfying to muck around with that you’ll find yourself creating new rooms and pissing around with the layout of existing ones you can go back and re-edit everything if you want just for the sake of it. Of course, there’s more to efficient room design than being able to decide which corner you’d like to place a pot plant in. As with everything in this game, there are about sixteen zillion other factors to consider.

Is the room sufficiently large and well-lit enough to prevent the occupants from feeling claustrophobic and depressed? Is it small enough to leave space for new facilities to be built alongside, or will you need to buy a new plot of land? Have you put radiators and fire extinguishers in place?

Is the room easy for patients to find? Do you want to purchase extra equipment and furniture for the room in order to increase efficiency? And so on, and so on, and so on. Once again, none of this may sound very enthralling in black and white, but when you’re playing it yourself it’s all peculiarly compelling. As you may have gathered by now, Theme Hospital is a game of details. Endless details. So far, I’ve only mentioned the room design, but that’s really the most basic part of the game.

There are just so many things to do, so many things to keep your brain occupied. Hiring and firing staff, researching drugs, making sure your caretakers are cleaning up all the piss and vomit, dealing with emergencies and epidemics I can’t even begin to explain how many different elements there are.

And since it lets you tinker around with everything, you just can’t help getting helplessly immersed within 20 minutes. I defy you not to end up playing it for far, far too long each time you boot it up.

If you’re in the slightest bit nosey and who isn’t? Here’s a game in which you can click on a complete stranger and discover their entire medical history. You can watch them getting undressed and being examined.

You can tell what mood they’re in and whether they need to go to the toilet or not. It makes you feel a bit like an interfering old lady -the sort you overhear at bus stops gossiping about the lady at number 26 who apparently likes ‘doing it the greek way’ – but it ain’t half compelling. Now, if sales figures are anything to go by, each and every one of you already owns three copies of Theme Park. Therefore, you’ll be familiar with that game’s main failing: it climaxes too soon.

It starts off like an over-enthusiastic teenager, desperately trying to impress you with its looks and its user-friendliness, hammering away at your pleasure receptors as fast as it can until all of a sudden you realise that it’s fired off all its surprises in one go, and there’s nothing left to keep you occupied. It always gives you the option of going back for more by starting a new park , but deep down you know it’s just going to be more of the same.

Interest wanes, you withdraw, and before long you’ve begun to salaciously eye up the other, perkier games on the market.

Theme Hospital, on the other hand, is a considerably more assured and sophisticated lover. It has far more interesting tricks up its sleeve, and is mature enough not to play them too early. In the early stages it soothes and arouses you with relaxing, involving gameplay and quirky little touches. As you grow in confidence together, it pulls off altogether bolder strokes, continually maintaining your interest with increasingly inventive moves.

Then the pace begins to quicken and you lose yourself completely. Entirely at its mercy, the best you can do is try to keep up, as it plunges challenge after challenge after challenge deep into your brain, with relentless zeal, working towards a climax. Just as you’ve reached the peak, when all the demands of a particular level have been satisfied, and you’re sitting back, serenely watching the Ccongratulations’ screen with a slow-burning cigarette in your hand, it rolls over and starts doing it again, presenting you with another blank hospital, and a whole new range of tasks to complete.

And you know that it’s going to be just as much fun as it was last time, only even more intense. Frankly, by the time you reach the final levels, it’s grabbing the back of your head with both hands, balancing on its elbows, and repeatedly ramming its fearsome girth into you like some kind of demented jackhammer, while you clutch the headboard and wail with pleasure. If there’s one Ctheme’ that truly relates both Theme Park and Theme Hospital, then ipious amounts of vomiting is it.

Get down on your knees and pray that you have sufficient cleaning staff to deal with a Cvomit virus’, should such an outbreak occur. Otherwise, the consequences are dire: corridors full of retching, choking patients, emptying their guts all over the floor like E-Coli sufferers at a kebab-eating convention. Well, Theme Hospital also introduces a new bodily function into the fray If a patient can’t get to the toilet in time, they’ll eventually go on the floor.

Doubly disgusting during an outbreak of vomiting. If Bullfrog keep upping the Cbody fluid’ stakes like this, the next CTheme’ game should logically be filled with hundreds of little people endlessly vomiting, pissing, crapping, spitting, wanking, snotting, and picking the wax out of their ears and flicking it. Theme Reading Festival, in other words. Theme Hospitals visuals are so crisp and neat, you could cut your finger on ’em. What’s more, they’re incredibly busy.

Absolutely every action each character could conceivably perform seems to have been animated. You can watch people typing on keyboards or using vending machines. Surgeons wash their hands and adjust the lighting prior to an operation. Caretakers sit on their arses, watching the staff room telly while the rubbish piles up in the corridors. You can even see people straining as they try to pass a particularly unforgiving stool in the lavatory. The sound effects are equally elaborate.

You can hear everything. And I mean everything. You can tell if the people straining in the toilet are doing Cnumber ones’ or Cnumber twos’, thanks to the telltale Csplosh’ sound of the occasional turd hitting the water. None of the patients seem to do the old Cbung a layer of sound-deadening bog roll onto the water surface’ trick – they just don’t care who hears their embarrassing noises.

Perhaps they’ve noticed that the hospital doesn’t actually have a roof, so it doesn’t seem to matter. In the same way that its predecessor revealed Theme Parks to be little more than cynical money-making engines, Theme Hospital tackles the medical profession with a barely-disguised air of gleeful subversion.

Keeping patients alive is encouraged, but mainly because it harms your reputation – and therefore your income – if they start dropping dead in the corridors which happens right before your eyes, by the way.

There are times when it pays to have the clinical business acumen of a Bill Gates, and the human compassion of a Genghis Khan.

For example, let’s say you’ve just discovered a new contagious illness. You examine the patient and get the research department to work out. Yours is now the only hospital in the area that can cure patients with this particular disease.

So what do you do? If you’re really smart, you’ll deliberately refer some of the sufferers to rival hospitals in the area. Not only does this cause your computerised opponents a bit of a managerial headache, it has the added side-effect of creating a whole new posse of patients, as the infected party wanders around, innocently spilling germs this way and that. And more patients means more money.

For you. That’s just an example. There’s a myriad of different money-making schemes. You’ll have to discover the best ones yourself. Old Links and Patches. We are keeping some of the old links and patches to make sure you can revert back to old version if you have problem with the latest version. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks.

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Download Theme Hospital for Windows | Hospital Free Download for Windows 11, 10, 7, 8/ | DownSoftware


Design, maintain and manage a hi-tech страница facility, making the most of limited resources and turning cures into cash. The Grim Reaper stalks the corridors, the ill have some very odd ailments, and the staff want to play themee and nurses together. You start off small with an empty building, a few doctors, a general diagnostic, a pharmacy, a reception desk, and a few ga,e necessities.

Click the download button below to start Theme Hospital Free Download with direct link. It is the full version of the game. Don’t forget to run the game as administrator. Theme Hospital Size: You need these programs for the game to run. Always disable your anti virus before extracting the game to prevent it from deleting the crack files. If you need additional help, click here.

Download game theme hospital pc gratis let the download begin and wait for it to finish. Once Gane Hospital is done downloading, right click the. Double click inside the Theme Hospital folder and run the exe download game theme hospital pc gratis.

Have fun and play! Popular Games. Evil West Free Download Read more. Bendy and the Dark Revival Free Download v1. Gotham Knights Free Download Read more. Victoria 3: Grand Edition Free Xownload v1. Slime Rancher 2 Free Download v0. Gloomwood Free Download v0.






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