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Prevent system crashes and optimize your Windows registry for peak PC performance with WinZip Registry-Optimizer, a two-in-one utility that. Download WinZip Registry Optimizer – Repairs Windows Registry issues and reduces registry fragmentation, with support for scan scheduling.


WinZip Registry Optimizer – Download


Yes, WinZip Registry Optimizer comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. During regular usage of the system, the Registry in which Windows and other applications store information can begin to hold data that is no longer valid. Such information points to a location on the hard drive where there was a file, which no longer exists. There may be several reasons behind these invalid Registry entries but such invalid links occur often because the programs uninstalled do not remove their registry entries completely or, the programs were not correctly uninstalled etc.

These invalid entries eventually begin to clutter your Registry, slowing Windows down and causing other possible problems. Invalid links are common in system Registry, and is always a good practice to regularly clean them. The Scan Registry section will scan the Registry finding these invalid data references. Start the process by selecting Start Scanning Now.

By default, all the areas prone to Registry errors are selected. During the scanning process you can notice the Registry keys being analyzed. At any time you can abort the scan process by clicking the Stop Scan button. Once you are through with the scanning process, the program displays the result window that summarizes all the Registry categories scanned and the total errors found under each category.

The problems found are divided into various categories so that you can easily get to know the problems under each category. Scan Result displays under each category. Each category is divided under sub-categories that can be viewed by clicking on the small triangular button next to the category name. At the bottom left corner of this screen Error Details option is linked to a new window that details each and every error found under that category.

By default, these invalid Registry entries are selected for repair. Uncheck the box to un-select the entries that you do not want to be repaired. Please note that any entry unselected may impact the final result of the cleaning and the overall system performance boost. Right-click menu options on the error detail window:. Before fixing the problem entries you can review them individually and if you find any entry to be excluded from the list of invalid entries, uncheck the box associated with it.

It is advisable to be extremely careful when manually changing the Registry entries. If the list of corrupt entries is more, you can scroll-down the bar to view all the entries in the list or opt to maximize the window.

Click on Fix Errors to start the removal of invalid registry entries, resulting in an error free, smooth and stable computer. Registry plays a key role in the configuration and control of Windows operating systems.

It is the repository for both system wide and per-user settings. The data in the registry is stored in hundreds of keys and sub-keys. Windows and programs query the registry for information constantly. With passing time, as programs are used, installed and uninstalled, data is scattered all over the registry with numerous free blocks in between.

Think of Registry database as a chart with rows and columns on a big sheet. Even when the data is deleted from a Registry block, it still maintains a reference to the next Registry block consuming the same amount of space that it occupied before. When new items are added to the Registry, they are added at the bottom of the chart. So over time, the Registry ends up with a lot of blank cells. If any of these blank Registry corrupt, it may pass invalid information to calling program causing system halt and slowdowns or can even cause a system crash.

Querying a Registry with fewer entries is faster. Furthermore optimizing the Registry makes the load time shorter. How to optimize Registry? WinZip Registry Optimizer will compact the system Registry to improve the performance of your computer. WinZip Registry Optimizer eliminates registry fragmentation, giving you a fresh new registry with no redolent or obsolete data.

For optimization of registry go to the Defrag Registry tab which will state when you did your last Registry optimization or if you have not optimized it yet. There, click the Optimize Registry Now button to start optimization. A confirmation dialog appears after you click the button, which states that your computer will restart automatically once the optimization process is complete. Please note that you should close all the open documents and applications before committing to optimization, as the system will restart once the process is complete and you may lose any unsaved data.

Click on Yes to start the optimization process. When the process starts, a progress indicator bar appears as shown in the image below.

Once the optimization process is complete, your computer will automatically restart to effect the changes. WinZip Registry Optimizer has been designed in such a manner that it is absolutely safe to clean and optimize Registry.

In the rare case that you believe cleaning of Registry has caused any of the installed program to work erroneously, or your computer is taking a lot of time to boot, or is running slow, or has affected your computer in adversely, you can always revert the state of your computer to the last known good configuration. The Restore function will help you to get back to your previous Registry stage and may solve the problem. In Backup and Restore Registry section you can take backup in couple of ways:.

Full Backups. However, when you press the button One Click Optimization on the main screen, complete Registry is automatically backed up before any action is taken. Partial Backup. Whenever you scan and clean the Registry manually, after selecting the necessary Registry categories, the program automatically takes backup of these categories before removing their invalid entries.

This may prove essential whenever you want to restore entries of such categories. In the Partial Backup section, the backups are maintained by dates i. How to Restore? The Registry entries from the chosen date and time will be restored. However, if you find the section is piled up with obsolete backup data, you can also delete them and keep only the ones required.

WinZip Registry Optimizer allows you to configure settings as per your requirement for best and optimum output. The tabbed sections are mentioned below:. Scan Areas. Pressing the Restore Defaults button will include all the Registry areas in scanning. WinZip Registry Optimizer scans the below mentioned areas in Registry for errors. It is divided in 4 major categories:. Exclusion List. If you want to exclude a path from Registry scanning, you can add that path into this Exclusion List.

Remember that if invalid Registry entries are created under the path excluded by you, WinZip Registry Optimizer will not be able track those registries and the sole purpose of optimizing your system Registry will fail. Therefore, it is suggested that you should be more careful before excluding Registries.

For excluding a Registry, you just need to click on Add Entry and select the section that you want to add in exclusion list. The drop-down list provides the name of the hives. To be more specific, mention the complete path of the Registry key in the next box given, Specify Registry Entry. Press OK to add it to exclusions. You can even delete an entry from the exclusion list just by selecting the entry and clicking on Delete Entry button.

Skip errors due to removable media: When you install removable drives, it creates certain Registry entries. When the drive is removed, Registry references will become invalid as they will link to the drive not found on your system. However, at a later time if you are certain to attach the same drive again, we suggest not to delete such Registry errors because in that case you may have to reinstall the drivers for the removable drive.

Simply, check the option to skip Registry errors displayed in such condition. WinZip Registry Optimizer comes with a built in scheduler for launching Registry scan automatically.

You can schedule WinZip Registry Optimizer to run only this one time, every day or every week. Steps to create a scan schedule:. Set Schedule. Run Once. Select date and time on which you want WinZip Registry Optimizer to run automatically. This schedule will run only once. Every Day. For daily scheduling you need to specify the time on which you want the program to run automatically. Every Week. You can schedule your scan defining the weekdays on which you want the program to run the program automatically.

Do Not Schedule. If you want to manually scan your system for Registry errors, you can opt not to schedule your system automatically. WinZip Registry Optimizer is available in various languages covers most languages. You can run this program in your desired language by customizing this option. Click on drop down bar under Select the preferred language, select the desired language and click on Apply button. Program Control:. This option offers you the following options:.

WinZip Registry Optimizer. Product FAQ’s. WinZip Driver Updater. WinZip Malware Protector. WinZip System Utilities Suite. Subscription Related Questions. Unsinstall Instructions. Here are the steps to manage your installation:. WinZip 26 World’s leading compression utility. For Business WinZip Enterprise Protect critical data, enforce protocols, and equip teams to work collaboratively.

WinZip Courier Sending large attachments has never been easier or safer. WinZip SafeMedia Protect sensitive data, wherever it goes. Resources Learning Center Blog. Find your name and activation code on your activation acknowledgement email or on the WinZip CD case. Type them in exactly as they appear, then click Register. You do not need to enter this code; it will be entered into WinZip automatically. Save your WinZip key and other registration information, which will be sent to the email address entered.

You will need it if you need to re-install WinZip. When the registration reminder dialog opens, enter your name and WinZip Registration Code exactly as they appear on your registration acknowledgment email.

Click Register. Enter your WinZip serial number and other information exactly as it appears on your registration acknowledgement email. Here are the steps to manage your installation: Refer to your order confirmation for the link to download your software.

Use this link to download your unique registration file WinZip.







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