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Abstract sunburst brochure design template. Set of cute handdrawn unicorns feeling love embracing walking with butterflies. Comic style moon stars and clouds background design. Game landscape with tree with green dripping slime. Blue radial speed lines background. Candy text effect editable sweet and colorful text style. Blue sunburst abstract vintage background. Poster with explosion comic, pop art.

Funny halftone comic background with cloud and star. Comic blue background with star illustration. Flat comic style background with dotted halftone. Kress fur- important for students. Image, writing, layout, able to concentrate on one thing, as a written text is subject to speech, and moving images are examples of different strict laws. There is also a complex and inti- mate relationship between modes e. Comic books, often ity while engaging them in more difficult themes Smetana referred to as sequential art, are a good example of multi- et al.

Hammond, In addition, the reading of comic books According to a survey study carried out by Ujiie and is a multimodal experience that demands multimodal liter- Krashen , young boys who regularly read comic acy skills as the words and pictures are read as a single inte- books also read more materials, including novels, in com- grated text Duncan and Smith, Many researchers have also pointed to the comics might be defined as a hybrid word-and-image form in notion that multimodal texts are an important part of con- which two narrative tracks, one verbal and one visual, register temporary literacy instruction Connors, ; Hassett and temporal spatially.

Comics move forward in time through the Schieble, ; Serafini, It is acknowledged that reading is an important skill for Multimodal texts and reading motivation education, and comic books appear to be an effective nar- Reading a comic book usually involves the processing of rative resource to enhance reading comprehension and multiple components, namely, visual, spatial and textual.

It motivation among students, particularly lower achieving is also considered a multimodal literacy practice, as it and unmotivated students Snowball, In of alternative literature could help them understand the other words, comics could function as an effective narrative main idea, points of view and opinions involved in a text.

What is the general profile of the survey respond- ents, and what are their perceptions and attitudes Although the use of popular culture and media for towards the educational values of comic books? Do school librarians provide comic books for stu- Earlier worldwide studies conducted by the lead dents with the aim of motivating students to become researcher Lo and Chiu, , ; Lo et al.

Popular culture is an integral part of the daily lives of most young people, and RQ 4. Which comic book genres are perceived by with comic books being of great interest to many stu- school librarians to be more effective in terms of moti- dents, this literary medium may well increase the moti- vating students to become voluntary readers or volun- vation of young readers to engage in reading and literacy tary users of the school library?

Ranker, As such, some school librarians RQ 5. What technical difficulties and challenges have welcome comic books as an additional resource for cul- school librarians faced when attempting to include tivating motivation and reading development and use comic books in their collections? A cultural issue identified in our previous studies was Methodology that Confucian education among East Asian countries is Research participation and data collection often associated with rote-memorisation.

This style of learning is usually characterised by possessing the abil- All survey participants were school librarians working in ity to reproduce exactly what is taught in identical form Taiwan. In other words, Another rationale for this study to focus exclusively on there is little need for students to be keen voluntary read- Taiwan was the high level of responsiveness and willing- ers to do well academically Lo et al.

The questionnaire used for this in these regions has begun to recognise the value of study was developed based on concerns raised by the school-library-based recreational reading; it encourages school librarian respondents in our previous studies Lo students to internalise learning, make connections in and Chiu, ; Lo et al.

The b. In the previous study, the researchers examined original survey questionnaire was in English and included the evolving and new professional practices of school questions on major demographic characteristics of school librarians in East Asia, as well as their views on comic librarians, library collections including comic books as a books in the field of education Lo et al.

The final English language survey was then tively promoting voluntary reading and supporting dif- translated into Chinese, before it was distributed to the ferent curriculum areas Lo et al. This school librarians throughout Taiwan.

The draft question- study could be regarded as a continuation of our previ- naire was also sent to selective school librarians in Taiwan ous quantitative study by using regression analyses to for pilot testing, with the aim of identifying questionnaire investigate further the effectiveness of comic books as items that did not make sense to the survey respondents or an influence over the voluntary reading practices of stu- problems with the questions that could potentially lead to dents.

Furthermore, findings of this study would also biased answers. Ultimately, the questionnaire survey was enable us to identify more effective reading promotion distributed via the TSLA, with the aim of collecting as strategies and the evolving pedagogical role that comics many responses as possible.

Batch invitation emails were have been playing in Taiwan. Demographic information of respondents. Questions Answer options No. According to the statistics provided by TSLA, as of of comic books in libraries could depend, in part, on their , there are school librarians working in Taiwan. The online questionnaire was sent out to all practising school librarians via the TSLA. A total of responses School types and the availability of comic books in school were collected for this questionnaire survey, indicating a libraries.

The data collection respondents were working for local public schools period was from 1 September to 31 March Manda- Reminder emails to take part in the survey were sent out to rin as the main medium of instruction see Table 2.

A total of between and volumes of comic books in their col- complete responses were collected from this online lections see Table 3. All respondents were school librari- ans and came from different elementary and secondary School libraries and their comic book collections.

A very high schools located in 22 cities in Taiwan. Interestingly, the main reasons for housing ents were aged between 41 and 50 years. This literature medium was found to be the sec- Length of professional experience as school librarian.

A high as school librarians. Table 1. School types and student population. Although we do not know whether their stu- Results of regression analysis dents would have engaged with reading or learning-related activities once they entered the school library, it is reassur- All responses were collected from school librarians prac- ing to note that some students were motivated enough to tising in Taiwan.

School librarians play an essential role in go to the school library voluntarily. Whether comic books selecting a variety of books and materials to support lei- were a motivating factor in encouraging students to visit sure reading, as well as independent learning practices Lo the school library of their own accord will be further et al.

Furthermore, as lead- explored and discussed in the subsequent sections. Respondents were asked to rate a series practices of student. Although no responses were collected of challenges and difficulties faced in keeping comic from the students, data collected from school librarians books in their collections. In short, in independent learning practices inside the school through the use of regression analysis, the marginal library. The differ- 0.

The use of the school library see Table 6. In sum- females, the surveyed female school librarians may not mary, comic books did not demonstrate strong efficacy in possess a schema that connects comic books with other motivating independent or self-learning see Table 8. On the con- attracting more students to go to the school library by trary, perhaps owing to their educational content and cur- themselves marginal effect is 0. Findings also reveal The perceived efficacy of comic books in fostering in voluntary that the recreational value of comic books surpassed their reading and learning.

Table 6 suggests Equation 2 that educational value in different dimensions see Table 8. Equation 1 Equation 2 Do you agree that comics could help Do you agree that comics could induce attract students to visit the school library? Table 7. The general findings of this study support reading see Table 8. Independent variables Equation 5 Equation 6 Equation 7 Equation 8 Independent self-study Take part in library Use the Internet and Recreational reading programmes multimedia resources Classical literature 0.

As the effec- tion towards voluntary reading among students. It was also used its did not seem to have a significant effect in this regard. The aiming to test the hypothesis that the perceived effective- regression functions starting with Equation 9 include a ness of comics could mitigate the difficulties arising from dependent variable — namely the difficulties arising from parents in terms of keeping comics in the school library denying the values of comics, and two independent varia- collection.

Unfortunately, both 1 the effectiveness of bles, consisting of the perceived effectiveness of comics, attracting more library visits; and 2 the increased level of i. As such, school librarians not only ics in the school library collection. Abundant visual clues increase the amount of com- the rapidly changing information and education landscape. School librarians play an important practices see Tables 6—8. This supports the concepts raised librarians face with funding and collection development.

Such wholistic reading experiences carry the Similarly, educators who wished their students to be potential to guide these young readers to explore complex engaged only in serious and academic endeavours tended ideas such as theme, motivation and characterisation, to resist any activities or forms of literature that might without having to struggle through difficult sentences appear to be frivolous Morrison et al.

Carter, ; Bezemer and Kress, ; Siegel, Nevertheless, if used properly, comic books can func- Unfortunately, findings of this study do not explain why tion as an effective educational tool for motivating stu- comics were more effective in improving reading compre- dents to become avid or voluntary users of the school hension skills in comparison with other variables from the library and its collection.

Frey and Fisher, ; Hosler and Boomer, ; Mallia, The reading comprehension as the process of creating meaning researchers of this study believe that such findings were from text.

The purpose of wholistic reading comprehension closely tied to the recent reading promotion and learning ini- is to help readers develop an understanding of the main tiatives undertaken by the school librarians in Taiwan via ideas in the text and to explore the structure of the text as a the use of comic books, particularly Science-themed whole, rather than to acquire meaning from individual including Science-fiction and History-themed comics.

Man and woman in the chair with daughter and sons. Man and woman with daughter and sons in the sofa. Woman and man with daughter and son in the sofa. Superhero character with pop art style. Superheroes supervillains comic books characters lightning fire power fight scenes.

Vector illustration of a superman. The student boy is going to the school and holding a lot of book. The student boy is sitting on the book and reading a book. The cute student boy is giving the excited expression. Cartoon manager with confussed expression. Seana Moran , Vera John-Steiner. Molly Bullock Zielezinski. Michelle M Falter. Maurice Azzano. Cyndi Wiley. David Shernoff.

Garret Castleberry. Sean Connors. Dirk Vanderbeke. VhAl Hapi. Gary Gute , Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Kay Clopton. MM Leung. Norbert Spehner. Tim Lomas. Resa R Noel PhD. Yonty Jonathan Friesem. Sofia Pantouvaki. Jordan Potash. Massimo Bustreo. In Bustreo M. Natasa Lackovic.

Edie Lanphar. Sharon Murphy. Carol Tilley. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Need an account?

Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Related Papers. Low, D. Pedagogies: An International Journal Assuming a hybrid logic of reading: Comics, psychoanalysis, and the multimodal promise of visual response.

Broken or indistinct print, colored or poor quality illustrations and photographs, print bleed-through, substandard margins, and improper IE alignment can adversely affect reproduction. In the unlikely event that the author did not send a complete manuscript EV and there are missing pages, these will be noted. Also, if unauthorized copyright material had to be removed, a note will indicate the deletion. All rights reserved.

This microform edition is protected against unauthorized copying under Title 17, United States Code. The emphasis was on the experiences of eight adolescents and W how they attained self-fulfillment through the creation of comic books. Fundamental to the research plan was an examination of the relation between the adolescent development IE of the “self and their experience of self-fulfillment through artistic creation.

It was argued that the ways in which the participants utilized and developed comic books, EV influenced their achievement of self-fulfillment and consequently their development of self. PR The qualitative research design of this study followed three methods of data collection: observations, semi-structured interviews, and visual analysis of documents. Eight participants were selected through a purposeful sampling technique.

Constant comparison analysis was utilized in the study as a tool for discovering new patterns throughout the examination of the data. The results of this research suggested that identity formation during adolescence takes elements from every aspect of the adolescent surrounding world, and in the case of the participants some of these elements were related to their readings and creations of comic books.

They also verbalized many clues to understand the influence of comic books in their lives. As a main conclusion of this study, it is suggested that the participants ideas of becoming artists were indeed a thought decision rooted on their aspirations, on the self- knowledge about their capacities, and on their experiences creating comics books.

Every step of the creative process of the participants was related to the awareness of their dreams or to the knowledge about their skills. The balance between the participants’ W aspirations and capacities contributed to their attachment of self-fulfillment. The comic book club they attended was a place that was perceived as a positive context for the IE participants’ free practice of their artistic endeavors.

Judith Burton, for the immeasurable patience Dr. Graeme Sullivan, for the inspirations from an unknown accent Dr. Leo-Paul Cyr, for the contagious love for stones Dr. Michael Bitz, for the lessons on how to dream big PR Dr.







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