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Remember Me? The Olgic. Today’s Posts competitions support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Thank you Gearspace. Page 1 of 2. Logic Pro X at 4k resolution, beautiful, but laggy. Hey, anyone else using Logic at 4k? I’m using a inch 4k Philips monitor. It looks absolutely incredible, so much space to work, and I can see my track template and everything that’s going on within it perfectly.

The problem is, Apple monior to have not optimised Logic for 4k. Laggy, seems like 5 frames a second when scrolling zooming, or watching the playhead. When I shrink the window to about logic pro x 4k monitor free the size or stick it on my inch p screen, works perfectly smoothly. By the way, it’s not my graphics card s. I’m using a Mac Pro with two D’s in it.

Вот ссылка yeah, anyone have this problem? Know a solution? I’m also using a Mac Pro cylinder core with z d graphics card with a Samsung 32″ 4k monitor computer monitor, frwe television monitor connected to the Mac’s Thunderbolt port via a MiniDisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cable since the Samsung has DisplayPort.

I am not seeing any lag with Logic. I have a second monitor, with x resolution, connected to another Thunderbolt port with the same type of cable. Both monitors respond with rpo same quickness and no lag or other weirdness. I am k4 connected to HDMI. Perhaps this is an issue? I get the same visual lag on my iMac logic pro x 4k monitor free. On my Air it’s smooth. I never noticed it. Neither did I until I used Logic on my Air. It might just be that you haven’t seen how smooth the UI can be on other machines to compare the difference.

When I logic pro x 4k monitor free my two machines side by side, it’s really noticeable. It doesn’t make a difference how big your project is either.

Wether a large project full of tracks and regions or a new one with a few tracks, the UI performs the same. I suppose one won’t realise it’s there until they try it though, but going from 2 mnitor screens to a 4K it was very noticeable, I use a Magic Trackpad for scrolling and most noticeable monitir the that, just because of how responsive logic is on my 2nd p monitor.

My Studio. Hi, set the display port fere the Philips to 1. I’m on Philips is set to 1. I’ll link a picture of how small it is before Logic starts running perfectly smoothly, and how everything else Logic pro x 4k monitor free scrolling etc looks at 60Hz. Attached Thumbnails. So i firmly believe it’s el capitan in general that’s the issue and it’s the worst OS i have ever used in my life. My advice is since you have a trashcan, yosemite supports all the hardware in that, so try that and see how you go.

This is a known issue with El Capitan. Apple has refused to acknowledge it despite it being easy rpo demonstrate on various Apple hardware. It is hugely exacerbated by Logic pro x 4k monitor free X’s woeful graphical problems in the first place, a perfect storm of gui fail.

I would recommend a switch back to Mountain Lion or Mavericks if you want to avoid this now permanent low-performance OSX graphics issue. I’m thankful I hung onto http://replace.me/20775.txt images of Mountain Lion here, I recently had to restore There is absolutely nothing of pogic use to the recording studio that has been added logic pro x 4k monitor free Mountain Lion, only nuisance permissions issues, graphical lags, restricted hardware compatibility, spotlight that completely fails to find files any more, but hey at least you have hundreds of transgender emojis to monitr from It’s arguable that OSX has reached the point that many Mac power users are finally walking away from the platform.

It’s hard to see Apple clawing this back since monihor have chosen to leave the workstation market behind, and contrary to popular rumors I don’t think there will be an update to the ‘black cylinder Mac Pro’, this loogic it folks, move on!

I will continue to recommend yosemite, the os that wasn’t popular and is actually not a bad os at all and will continue to run all the major stuff for quite some time. The only workaround for this issue that I know of is to run Logic X in low res mode. When I run it in low res, the difference is huge so check jonitor out but it doesn’t look as sharp. Last edited by Deleted fac; 10th May at AM. Reason: Additional info. Running in in low res mode makes it much faster, but at the expense of some slightly fuzzier GUI elements.

The tradeoff works for me until they hopefully sort it out! Monitog Logic 9 still runs circles around X – even at 4K monior Given what’s said in the other thread, it sounds mojitor if you are in support of upgrading to El Capitan It’s piecemeal, at best, so personal experience shall drive this decision.

It’s relatively humorous how this is the story of the lofic, well past 6 months of El Capitan having been officially launched, though it would appear that jonitor of the incremental updates, and the necessary terminal tweaks, have helped to stir the pot. Do best photo editing software for pc free 2013 mean this? It is infuriating that after 30 years of convention, they just decide we don’t need a major montor like that anymore!

There are 3rd party hacks that mimic it, but I’m not a fan of that kind of thing At least Finder will tell you lots of information; you have to download a third party app, similar to what logic pro x 4k monitor free mention, in Windows just to let you know how large your folders are in size. That’s primitive! Let’s not even get into their Native Drivers Windows sucks as bad as it did 20 years ago, and still looks like an Etch-a-Sketch. Top Mentioned Manufacturers. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn.

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Apple offers Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X free for 90 days 1GB of VRAM (recommended for 4K editing); GB of available disk space. Logic Pro X needs a huge screen for all its buttons and sliders and what not, so I would go for a Mac mini with a +32″ 4K monitor/tv set if I was you. Shop for vst for logic pro x free at Best Buy. G7 28″ IPS 1ms 4K UHD FreeSync & G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor with HDR – Black.


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Remember Me? The No. Today’s Posts logic pro x 4k monitor free support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Learn more. Thank you Gearspace. Page 1 of 2. My Studio. Ideal Display s for Logic Pro X. I currently have a Mac Pro Trashcan as a dedicated studio rig. Looking to upgrade to a bigger main screen. Measuring my desk setup shows that a screen bigger than 27″ might start to interfere with my speaker line of sight. I’m likely going to keep the 21″ and use it as a side Display for VEP.

I appreciate any recommendations. Budget is not an issue. Last edited by superscan; 1st November at AM. I’m using an old Samsung 21″LCD that is not logic pro x 4k monitor free. However – It stands vertically to the right of my 27″ iMac – I use the iMac for my main screen and drag across secondary windows from Logic Pro to the Samsung standing in vertical position – it has different resolution – but no big deal.

Which brand monitor to buy since you already have http://replace.me/27370.txt computer? I guess I may be overthinking this, since I only got one response.

I’m torn as I’d prefer to have an Apple branded monitor and they won’t be out for probably another 8 months to a year. You bring up a good point about resolution, so I may try to get something that replicates a retina display to stay consistent.

Just my response – yeah – interesting – gearslutz members will go on for thousands of posts about this or that compressor or EQ plugin – but about the actual screens we use every day Screen resolution has not been a major issue – as I keep my windows separate on both screens.

I did a lot of Photoshop for years and the color calibration was critical for that. I am amazed how many people seem to work on small portable screens: So much audio field work?

There are перейти на страницу of threads on Gearslutz about displays; we’ll try to avoid confusion by not using the term ‘monitor’. As you’ve noted, the geometry of where you sit relative to your speakers is a great determinant of the limits you’ll encounter when choosing a display.

The original layout had a inch Apple Cinema in the center, flanked by two inch Dell HD displays with the speakers above them, pointing downward at a degree logic pro x 4k monitor free. I hope this gives some useful perspective.

Wow, what are the ideal monitors for Cubase? Logic pro x 4k monitor free you considered the now discontinued Apple 27″ Thunderbolt display? That’s what I’ve been using больше на странице I’m really happy with it.

You should be able to get one on the cheap locally. As far as I know, logic pro x 4k monitor free was the last display manufactured by Apple. I’m always disturbed by the great Конечно, sony vegas pro 11 wont start free download ПРОСТО catastrophe of The real issue is resolution, i. By the time Adobe joined in, people were completely confused and talking about setting the “DPI” of graphics files, as if somehow that was changing their resolution.

I don’t understand what’s going on with mac OS. The default look of Logic X is crowded. And you can’t change it! On a less than HD x display it’s almost unusable. On an HD screen it’s just “OK”. How is that possible? In x there are a lot of pixels. Why doesn’t Logic X let you scale to see more in that area? And then finally, the death blow to the Apple users’ brains: “retina”. What is THAT? People buy laptops capable of x or x resolution and run them at half that???

And apps like Logic X look like crap again. Now, any programmer knows this and runs his macbook at full rez, i. But then there are mystery triggers that make apps display as “retina” or not. So where am I going with this rant, other than “too many words”? That running on a 4K display in native resolution Logic X suddenly looks spacious and works great. Why would you want to throw away the native resolution and go back to that claustrophobic desktop? Just kill the idiotic “retina” mode.

Fortunately there are workarounds. Long story short: logic pro x 4k monitor free you get a 4K display and a suitable card you can run it at 60Hz. There’s suddenly room for everything. VIs and other windows can be moved aside instead of struggling with what hides what. It’s just that on a 32″ display you’d better sit darned close, 12″ is good, as I’m doing now. Or you’re really better off with WQHD, x Forget 30″ or under. Which brings us to BIG 4K monitors. I know that’s what I want in my studio, behind the plane of the near-field speakers and the master keyboard THERE’s another ambiguous term!

If the speakers’ listening equilateral triangle is 60″ a side, there’s room for a mighty big display at a viewing distance of 52″. Any closer and it’s getting in front of the speaker plane and messing more with the sound. A 30 Hz refresh rate нажмите чтобы узнать больше bad karma, like bumping into walls and falling down stairs. So must we pay over twice as much for “proper monitors” with additional inputs?

HDMI 2. The old HDMI not so much. So who’s using the huge 4K displays, and with what graphics cards, adapters, interfaces or cables? Last edited by Fernand; 2nd November at PM. MediaGary way to go! I was looking at that same display. How much did it cost logic pro x 4k monitor free get that flashed?

Or already flashed? The way they over charge for “mac versions” isn’t cool. It’s the customary bend over mac user routine. The s only pull 75 watts max, and the watts while gaming, that’s less than aso it might be most practical to keep a low end card like a installed for the boot screens.

Lose a slot. Or do these 10X0 cards need flashing to work at all? What else we got working in the cards dept?

Ledger Note. I’m in the same boat. Trashcan Mac Pro, but I have three 24″ widescreens, which is annoying me because obviously I can’t have a good monitor placement like that. But this is at the office computer too. Not sure if you’ve seen those but they’re about as tall as a 24″ widescreen but are about 1. So you get the benefit of multiple monitors but without any bezel.

Alternatively we could wall mount a big TV too. Still not quite sold on that idea for call of duty pc free download 2019 mixing space that doubles as a computer workspace. Ledger Note I rather think that a 34″ ultra-wide at x buys you very little. What matters most is getting more vertical pixels, so you can see more tracks, more edit logic pro x 4k monitor free. All you’re doing is adding a little extra space on the sides.

And I believe you have more of it with your present arrangement. It looks like if you want to gain something with a 34″, the minimum would be a 34″ x ultra-wide, and that’s gonna be expensive and squintybecause as you say, it’s about the same height as a regular 24″. I’m trying to figure this out too, because my 4K 32″ is squinty. It would have to be bigger than 32″. With a 32″ panel at more than 12″ distance x WQHD logic pro x 4k monitor free about perfect.






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