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7 tips for video call interview success on Microsoft Teams – Taylor Hopkinson

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With the current social distancing measures and travel bans across the world, video interviewing has become even more critical for employers and job seekers alike. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Video interviews are no less formal than regular face-to-face interviews.

So, it goes without saying that preparation is your key to success. Do your research, make sure you understand the role, and find ways to evidence how your experience aligns with the role. Call Email. Renewable Energy Jobs. With an increasingly mobile global workforce, video interviews are becoming commonplace.

So here are our 7 top tips to help you own your video interview. Switch your phone off, close windows to block out any outdoor noise, and lock the door if needed — we all know distracting our kids can be! Find a simple, neutral background and ensure that your shot is well-lit.

Adjust the lighting if required once the shot is set up. Ensure you have a strong internet connection. Make sure you have Microsoft Teams downloaded onto your computer, and familiarise yourself with the system. Research the company and decide what is appropriate to wear. Avoid patterns or distracting jewellery and ties. Opt for simple, softer colours and dress fully — not just from the waist up! This will help you to psychologically feel ready for the interview. Have a pen and paper to hand for any questions that spring to mind or any key details you want to note down.

Also make sure you have a glass of water to hand — interviews can be thirsty work! Raise your camera to head level to avoid looking down on the interviewer and to make it more natural — use a laptop stand, or a pile of books. Within Microsoft Teams, turn off the box that shows you, this avoids distraction and too much self-consciousness and allows you to focus more fully on the interviewer and the questions.

Once set up, check again for lighting — coming from in front of you. If you wear glasses, try to position the lighting to remove any unwanted glare.

This is a really important step. Test your setup. Do a dummy interview using Microsoft Teams with a friend. You can record it and watch it back to identify any adjustments you need to make. Test the audio, the video and internet speed. Does the background look ok? How is your positioning? What about your body language? Try not to fidget or move your hands too much, this can be distracting, and can interfere with the microphone.

Be prepared in advance. Ask the interviewer for a number to call, should you run into difficulty. Apologise, but make sure you proactively offer a solution — to call them and continue by telephone, or to reschedule. Good luck! See all our latest renewable energy jobs. Subscribe to get the latest renewable energy vacancies in a weekly email to your inbox.

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Experts weigh in. So, business attire has become a thing of the past for many employees as they get cozy in their loungewear and sweatpants. Also, since most people are doing zooms from their home, the neutrals will not interfere with the background. Collazos suggested investing in a white background or conducting the interview in front of a white wall.

This is more important than you think. You definitely want to wear light makeup to show that you made the effort. With jewelry, go with small earrings or a watch and bracelet combination.

If you want the interviewers to see you as a credible and reliable person, show it on your appearance. Be presentable and prepared. Also, consider clothing that is comfortable to wear and you can use it again or upcycle. Dress it down with a sweater or layering shirt, dress it up with a shell or a button down long sleeve top.

Tailored clothing not only fits properly, it just looks better and is more flattering. They went on Shark Tank and Mark Cuban came on board to help fuel their mission. Another sustainable clothing line is Sugopetite which has an eggplant colored streamlined, fitted, turtleneck dress called The Tulip, which is made from 30 recycled plastic bottles.

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Microsoft teams interview


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